$30/YEARLY SubscriPtion

Please allow up to 24 hours for login information to be emailed to you.

I will upload and make available for download all of my self-released material in the DG Premium member-only portal first, usually at least 2 weeks prior to release on soundcloud (or any other platforms).
I will also regularly upload and make available for download many of my favorite and newest remixes and edits, most of which I won't ever release publicly.

1-3 new tracks every week guaranteed!

Also upon subscription, you'll have immediate access to the Premium Library where you can listen to and obtain previous week installments and much other cool stuff.  Currently sitting at over 130 tracks strong!

Curious to have a peek?  Click here to see a list of what's currently available to members.

Still not sold?  If you don't already know, I've been working as a recording artist, producer, and instrumentalist for over 15 years and have become a regionally renown name in the EDM and Hip Hop scene.  It's one of my main current missions to make this premium collection the best chunk of material I've archived in my career.  Listen to me talk about it from the heart and listen to some previews of material found in the Premium Portal by clicking here.

Subscriptions are annually based. After a year of membership, a $30 re-subscription will be invoiced to your email and due within 30 days to continue subscription.

Email with any questions or for further details.